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"Since the beginning, NAAMTA has seen the vision to provide a proper tool to its organizations to help in not only understanding educational requirements but to also aide in the keeping the content relevant and current. Demonstrating compliance to the standard was also needed. The Learning Center will help in keeping focused and current on any training required by NAAMTA."
- Roylen Griffin, NAAMTA Executive Director

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    EMTALA For Medical Transport Now Offered

    by Nancy Purcell -

    NAAMTA is ending the year at a new level. We are pleased to announce another training course that will help transport programs comply with training standard 1.1.38.EMTALA for Medical Transport outlines and discusses the elements of the EMTALA federal regulation, along with a look at how this regulation applies to the transport setting. Requests of course enrollment are now being accepted.

    Attachment EMTALA announcement picture.png

    Announcing A New Course

    by Nancy Purcell -

    NAAMTA is pleased to announce the latest course addition to the NLC. Bloodborne Safety is a comprehensive course on safety concerns and measures regarding exposure to HIV, Hepatitis B and C virus. Current with OSHA recommendations, Bloodborne Safety provides transport programs with the latest training information to meeting the NAAMTA standard 1.5.2. Requests of course enrollment are now being accepted.

    Evaluation Forms Now Available

    by Nancy Purcell -

    Here at NAAMTA, quality management systems are the core of our accreditation processes and services to medical transport programs. As such, the evaluation and feedback component is crucial to our service to you.

    In keeping with this process, a new activity element as been added to each course in the NAAMTA Learning Center (NLC). At the completion of each course, all students are asked to complete and submit a course evaluation for that particular course. As usual, NAAMTA administration can be contacted regarding any issues with the NLC directly by visiting our website at

    It is through our alliance member's feedback that NAAMTA can provide continuous improvement of our services to you, our clients.